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Our Work: Quality and Innovation

EURIAL has developed the largest IQF range on the market, giving you the chance to be creative.

In France, EURIAL is number one for goat’s cheese with SOIGNON, number one for MOZZARELLA and number one for speciality butters with GRAND FERMAGE.

Thanks to our different areas of business and our high added value brands, we are positioned as a multi-specialist in hypermarkets and supermarkets, in the restaurants and catering industry and with MANUFACTURERS.

Our mission: to offer you product-solutions AND innovate, putting you a step ahead.

In 1997, EURIAL pioneered IQF for cheese, with its frozen SOIGNON goat’s cheese slice. Since then, we have established ourselves as a major player on the frozen dairy products market. Our food service line is dedicated to restaurant and food industry professionals. Our range is regularly enhanced with innovative new products to keep up with the changes in these sectors.