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Advantages for users

You have everything to gain with IQF!
Time savings: cutting, inventory management, material savings, optimal food safety, etc.

You have everything to gain with our IQF cheeses !


 Portion cost control: presliced IQF cheese avoids wasting material. The IQF process removes the first slice and offers uniform sections. Your portion cost calculations are simplified and steady.

 Time savings: Individually frozen at the end of the production line, the IQF slices, cubes, balls and crumbled cheese don’t stick together and remain separate in their box. This lets you use frozen cheese ingredients when you like and to save time.

Use as you need, and no lost product: you manage without wasting your inventory and your consumption, thanks to a 12-month use-by date and optimal food safety.

Taste and texture identical to a fresh product that retains the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese.


Tips :

To enjoy all the advantages of IQF products, we recommend you use them without defrosting them first. If you want to defrost them before use, it is recommended to take them out of their box and store them on a plate, in a refrigerator (2°—6°C) for approximately 12 hours.  After defrosting, IQF cheeses can be kept in a refrigerator between 2° and 6°C for 4 days.