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The IQF Process Introduction

IQF technology allows cheese to be sliced precisely and frozen individually, instantly. An innovative idea to solve the slicing problem: goat’s milk cheese is crumbly, while the texture of mozzarella is soft and elastic.

Quality products and technology for professionals

EURIAL has called on its expertise to create a frozen process just for cheese: its first application: a log of sliced goat’s cheese. These days, frozen cheese—also called IQF cheese—is a culinary ingredient as common and valued as other frozen products.

EURIAL offers a wide IQF range, available in slices, cubes, as crumbled cheese and as balls, with varying diameters and weights— an offer to meet different tastes. With both goat and cow’s milk to vary your recipes and give you even more inspiration.

IQF frozen cheeses are developed by professionals for professionals. They can combine QUALITY and EFFICIENCY.