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Technologies and Process

EURIAL uses its IQF technology in two production sites in Deux-Sèvres— Soignon and Chapelle Thireuil. These sites meet rigorous quality standards and are respectively certified ISO 9001, IFS and BRC.

Our manufacturing sites

IQF technology at our SOIGNON factory.

IQF cheeses for industry are packaged in 5kg bags. The smallest packages for restaurant professionals are bags and mainly in ‘IQF boxes’.

The IQF box by EURIAL allows for optimal preservation of frozen cheese:
- practical and resistant, it makes it easier to identify products thanks to its colour coding
- it is environmentally friendly: 98% of its materials come from renewable sources.

What is the difference between deep-freezing and freezing?
Deep-freezing consists in rapidly lowering the temperature of the product by exposing it to temperatures ranging from -30°C to -50°C. Freezing is gradual.
During the deep-freezing process, the water content of the product finely crystalises (intracellular crystallisation) and does not alter the product's characteristics. Crystals are larger during freezing, and there is a risk of altering the product when preparing it.
Deep-freezing does not transform, it stabilises. A deep-frozen product, kept at -18°C and respecting the cold chain, preserves the texture and flavor of a fresh product.

The IQF Story

Learn the story of IQF Solutions by Eurial:


The solution

The launch of the 2 first products starting with Soignon goat cheese logs, our core business : Slicing of ripened goat cheese in diameters of 42 and 78 mm.


The 1st cow’s milk product !

The mozzarella slice obtained from our mozzarella cylinder.


The 1st cube

New formats for new usage.


9 new arrivals

Blue cheese cubes and slices, Cabécou, Ste Maure de Touraine (PDO) Slices…


A new shape!

Mozzarella balls. Perfect for your salad or as topping.


A particularly rich year for innovations

  • Finger Foods, breaded cheese in a format for take away
  • Two new PDOs – Gorgonzola and Taleggio – joined our IQF range

New packaging, new design

A new box has been developped. Easy to use for professional and more adapted to cash and carry needs.


Two new crispy snacks: the irresistible Bouchée and Lingot !


New flavours in the IQF range !

Goat cheese slices with honey and cow cheese cubes with garlic and herbs

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