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Accessing or using the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) implies acceptance without reservation of these legal notices and general terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “GTU”) by the user.

Our legal notices


Simplified joint-stock company
With capital of 41,744,673 euros
Head office: 24 Rue de la Rainière, 44300 Nantes, FRANCE
Nantes Trade and Companies Register number 353 543 358
Telephone number: +33 (0)2 40 68 18 18
E-mail address:
Individual tax identification number (Intra-community VAT number): FR10815063904

Gilles Rabouille, Managing Director
E-mail address:
Telephone number 02 40 68 18 18
Mailing address: Parc du Perray, 24 Rue de la Rainière, 44300 Nantes, FRANCE


A limited-liability corporation with capital of 181,791.64 euros,
15 rue Lamoricière, 44100 Nantes, FRANCE
Registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Nantes under Siret number: 405 100 587 00022
15 rue Lamoricière – 44100 Nantes, France
Phone: +33 (0)2 51 84 34 00
Fax: 02 51 84 34 09
Email contact:

SITE DESIGN: INTUITI 43 rue du Préfet Bonnefoy, 44000 Nantes, FRANCE

Processing of Personal Data

On this Site, you may contact EURIAL IQF by filling out a form. You may choose to give us your personal and contact information (last name, first name, email address, telephone number, business sector, title, company name and country of residence are the only information that may be collected on this Site). In accordance with the provisions of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended by the Law of 6 August 2004 on Information Technology and Civil Liberties, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data. To request a modification, rectification or deletion of your personal data, please contact:

  • By mail at the following postal address: EURIAL, 24 rue de la Rainière CS 42738 – 44327 NANTES CEDEX 3 FRANCE
  • Via email:, with the subject line “Personal data: access rights”.

Your personal data and information are solely for use by EURIAL, for purposes related to: Responding to questions/requests; Collecting and using personal data: EURIAL uses electronic systems to gather and sort the personal data of customer-users for the purpose of improving the EURIAL-CUSTOMER relationship and of notifying customer-users of relevant EURIAL operations.
Under no circumstances will this information be sold to third parties or transferred to a state outside the European Union.



Personal use
The user agrees not to use this Site and the information or data appearing therein, for commercial, political or advertising purposes, or for any form of commercial solicitation, and particularly by sending unsolicited email.
The user of the Site agrees to access and use the Site for strictly personal, non-commercial and/or non-professional purposes, in accordance with current regulations.
The user of the Site agrees not to jeopardise the Site in any way whatsoever, and not to prevent the proper functioning thereof, and to respect the content and other users.


The Internet Site, the domain name of the Site, and all of its content, and in particular each of the components thereof (such as brands, logos, photographs, images, illustrations, text and video) are protected by brand rights and/or copyrights, as well as other rights and regulations currently in effect.
All of these components remain the exclusive property of EURIAL and/or its affiliate companies or partners.
Right of reproduction
Any reproduction and/or representation, in whole or in part, of the Site or any of its components (including audio components), on any medium whatsoever, is explicitly prohibited without the prior written consent of EURIAL.
The databases that appear on the Site are protected. Any extraction or attempt at extraction, in whole or in part, may cause the perpetrator to incur civil and criminal liability.
Brand rights
The domain names, brands and logos appearing on the Site are the exclusive property of EURIAL or are the exclusive property of third-party companies who have authorised this publication.
Any reproduction and/or use of these domain names, brands or logos, alone or together, in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever, is prohibited and constitutes a criminal infringement.
Hypertext links – Social networks
This Site,, may provide access to other websites and online platforms of EURIAL or its affiliate companies or partners, subject to their own legal notices, terms of use and personal data protection policies, which the user should read and respect.
Users of the Site are not authorised to create, particularly on their own websites, a hypertext link leading to the Site and/or to the pages it contains, without the prior written consent of EURIAL.
All requests for authorisation must be sent to the following email address:

Moreover, the links established from the Site to external third-party sites or software applications of third parties, shall not cause EURIAL to incur any liability with regard to the content, advertising, products or services available (particularly content sharing or reviews on or from sites linked to the Site


4.1. EURIAL strives to keep the Site accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nevertheless, EURIAL reserves the right, at any time, to suspend, interrupt or limit access to the Site, in whole or in part, without prior notice, to delete any information that might disrupt the operation of the platform or cause a violation of national regulations currently in effect, and to suspend the Site in order to perform updates.
Under no circumstances are EURIAL and its affiliate companies liable for these suspensions, interruptions, limitations or any consequences that might result for the user.
4.2. EURIAL and its affiliate companies may not incur liability for any damage or dysfunction related to Internet access or use, particularly in cases of communication failure, breakdown, difficulty or interruption of operation, preventing access to the Site or to one of its functionalities.
Likewise, EURIAL and its affiliate companies may not incur liability in cases of force majeure or events outside of its control, such as service interruptions resulting from a failure of the user’s telephone network or Internet service provider.
EURIAL and, as applicable, its affiliate companies and/or partners, may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from accessing or using this Site.
4.3. Users of the Site acknowledge that their equipment for logging onto the Site is entirely their responsibility and that they must take all necessary measures to protect their own data.
EURIAL shall not be held liable for any damage or virus that might infect the user’s computer or any other electronic equipment, resulting from using or accessing the Site or any download(s) from this Site.
4.4. The information contained on this Site is provided without a guarantee of any kind; it is non-contractual and may be modified or deleted at any time without prior notice.
Additionally, users are solely responsible for the sites and data that they view.
Finally, users of the Site acknowledge that they remain responsible for any damage caused to themselves, third parties and/or their equipment as a result of logging onto or using the Site.


When viewing the Site, cookies are saved on your computer, mobile device or tablet. A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer when you visit the Site or view an advertisement. Their purpose is to collect information about how you browse the Site, and as applicable, to offer you customised services.
Generally, the cookies saved through the site have the following functions:

  • The first is to “maintain the status of an application,” which means to ensure that each time you return to the Site, you visit the Site in the configuration you have chosen. This function is used with the “language” cookie. This cookie is permanent and saves the default viewing language of the Site Thus, on subsequent visits to the Site, it will default to the language version that you initially chose.
  • The second function is to analytically track the user’s path through the Site.

The cookie records data pertaining to the browsing of the Site (pages browsed, date and time they were viewed, browser type, etc.). ; This data is used to issue statistical reports of visitation to the Site. With this cookie, no personally identifiable data is saved.
Your web browser settings
Continuing to browse the Site means consent to have cookies or other trackers saved on your computer.
You may be alerted when you receive cookies, or refuse to allow cookies to be saved by configuring your web browser accordingly. You may also delete cookies that are already saved. If you feel that cookies are an invasion of your privacy, configure your browser so that it notifies you of any cookies or to refuse them and delete any that have already been saved.
Here is how to control and changer your cookie preferences:
Configuration is different for each browser. It is explained in your browser’s help menu, where you can find out how to change your cookie preferences.
For your information, here is how to do this for the most common browsers:

• For Internet Explorer
1. In the Tools menu, select “Internet Options”
2. Click the Privacy tab. You will see privacy settings with six levels of control for saving cookies: Block All Cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default setting), Low and Accept All Cookies

• For Mozilla Firefox
1. In the Tools menu, select “Options”
2. Select the Privacy tab in the Options window
3. Scroll down and choose “Use custom settings for history” This will bring up the cookie options, and you can choose to accept or refuse them by checking the appropriate box.

• For Safari
1. In your browser, choose the menu Edit > Preferences.
2. Click Security.
3. Click Display Cookies.
4. Select the option of your choice in the “Accept Cookies” section.

• For Google Chrome
1. In the Settings menu, select “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.
2. Click the button “Content Settings” in the Privacy section.
3. The section that appears at the top of the page then tells you more about cookies and allows you to save the cookies you want. It also lets you delete any existing cookies.

• Flash© cookies from Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player© is a software application for quickly developing dynamic content using the Flash programming language. Flash (and similar applications) saves the settings, preferences and use of this content based on a technology similar to cookies. However, Adobe Flash Player© manages this information and your choices through a different interface from the one provided by your browser software. If your computer is able to display Flash content, we suggest that you access your Flash cookies management tool directly on the Adobe website. (Cookies tab)

Cookies are stored for 13 months. If the user’s consent is not renewed, this data will be deleted.


EURIAL reserves the right to modify the GTU at any time, without prior notice. Modifications are effective as soon as they are published online. Consequently, users are advised to review the GTU regularly so that they are aware of any changes made.


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The Internet Site and these legal notices and general terms of use are governed by French law.
Last updated: XX September 2017