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EURIAL offers a wide IQF range, available in slices, cubes, as crumbled cheese and as balls, with varying diameters and weights— an offer to meet different tastes. With both goat and cow’s milk to vary your recipes and give you even more inspiration!

Brie cheese slices

Made with cow’s milk, this cheese is soft-ripened and has a creamy heart.

Organic Goat’s Cheese crumble – Unripened

Pieces of creamy organic goat's cheese with a string and classic clean flavour.

Breaded Goat’s cheese sticks

Coated in breadcrumbs, fried and frozen, these ready-to-cook goat cheese sticks are easy to use and perfect for dipping!

Mozzarella rectangular slices

The exceptional stretching and melting properties of this creamy cheese make pizza perfection.

Goat’s Cheese “Cork” – Unripened

This new format 100% goat milk will be a perfect ready-to-use ingredients for your salads.

Goat’s Cheese Medaillon – Ripened

Our largest cheese slices for more goaty taste !

Emmental Cheese balls

All around, it is coated in a crunchy, seasoned breading. A tasty, gourmet solution to discover !

Raclette Fingers

It crisps up wonderfully thanks to its crunchy potato breading. A tasty, gourmet solution to discover !

Raclette slices

Hard cheese made using pasteurised cow's milk, the Raclette are matured 8 weeks minimum.