Our goat's milk cheese  Goat’s Cheese PDO Ste Maure de Touraine – Ripened

An ashy, lightly wrinkly rind; a smooth, consistent cheese; a classic goat flavour. Made from raw milk from the designated geographical area, then ladle-moulded by hand and ripened for a minimum of 10 days, the Ste Maure de Touraine is the first PDO goats’ cheese in France in terms of volume.


  • Keep frozen at -18° C
  • This product may be used without prior defrosting
  • If you wish to defrost the product before use, it is recommended to remove it from its tray, place on a dish, in a refrigerator (between +2° C and + 6° C) for approximately 12 hours
  • Can be stored 4 days in the refrigerator (between +2° C and + 6° C)
  • Do not re-freeze a defrosted product


Thanks to its typical flavour, a slice of Ste Maure de Touraine (PDO) will take pride of place in all catering applications, sandwiches, canapés, salads, pastries...

Nutritional values
(per 100g)

Energy 274 Kcal/1137 kJ
Fat 22 g
Of which saturates 15 g
Carbohydrates 1 g
Of which sugar 1 g
Proteins 18 g
Sel 1,3 g

Practical information

  • Ingredients

    Unpasteurized goat milk (Ste Maure de Touraine PDO area), salt, colouring : vegetable charcoal, goat rennet, lactic acid and ripening cultures.

  • Allergens

    Contains milk

  • Size

    42 mm diameter

  • Weight

    about 9 g

  • Certified

    ISO 9001 - IFS - BRC

  • Packaging

    500 g cardboard box by 8 or 5 kg bag by 2

  • Guaranteed Shelflife

    12 months

  • Case

    Packing net weight : 4 kg and 10 kg
    Packing gross weight : 4,7 kg and 10,6 kg
    Packing sizes : 39,5 x 29,5 x 16,1 cm and 38 x 29 x 31 cm
    Number of case per pallet : 64 and 40
    Number of case per layer : 8
    Number of layer per pallet : 8 and 5
    Pallet gross weight : 325,8 kg and 450 kg